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@stimpads, over a year ago

© StimPads Europe 2021

Fulfilment by Amazon

All our orders are fulfilled by Amazon.

There are 500 million consumers in the European Union! In order to reach them all StimPads Europe decided to work with Amazon who in return offer a great customer experience, excellent customer support and blistering fast delivery options.

Thanks to the 5 Amazon fulfilment centres throughout Europe we are able to reach those millions of consumers in 26 EU member states in the shortest possible time frame.

Basically it comes down to Amazon taking full control of the entire ordering, payment and shipping process.
From the “Add to basket” button until the delivery, Amazon sees to it that you receive your StimPads electrodes right at your doorstep as soon as possible!

Please note that StimPads electrodes are eligible for Prime and in many cases FREE Super Saver Delivery for orders exceeding £10.00 (£25.00 for Ireland). If you do not have a UK or Irish shipping address we will still process your order but delivery charges will apply.


© StimPads Europe 2021

First class electrodes for everyone

This was the challenge that we, the management of StimPads Europe took on when we created the StimPads brand and portfolio of products.

Started from scratch to where we are now, StimPads has the ambition and the potential to become a globally recognised player in the world of TENS and EMS electrodes.

At StimPads we take pride in what we do, hence our electrodes are being produced with passion and a whole lot of love for the TENS and EMS industry.

Stay tuned for more information from StimPads as we will gradually expand our product range and create new combination of our popular by demand ECO-Pack’s. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or an idea for a missing ECO-Pack!


Putting the consumer first

StimPads wants to allow consumers access to excellent, very high quality and long life electrodes at a price everybody can afford.

We offer outstanding value for money and honestly believe we can compete with all the other players in the world of TENS, EMS, labour and period pain electrodes.

StimPads TENS & EMS Electrodes, the logical choice!

© StimPads Europe 2021

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© StimPads Europe 2021

High Quality TENS/EMS & Compex compatible electrodes.
5 Star ratings and free shipping options on below Amazon marketplaces.
Change to StimPads and safe 25-60% compared to the original products.

© StimPads Europe 2021


© StimPads Europe 2021

Under development…

© StimPads Europe 2021

Stimpads Europe
Schoten, Belgium
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